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Sailor Moon Sues
04 October 2010 @ 06:21 pm
Random Link: 2 new planets have been discovered orbiting Gliese 581. For those of you who want to jump straight away into making Otaku Senshi for them: The guy who discovered the one in the "Goldilocks Zone", Gliese 581g, wants to call it "Zarmina", after his wife.

...Yeah, I'm horribly late. I've been burnt out lately due to numerous things and have found shinier stuff to be distracted by.

Title: Through the Inferno
Writer: xfirexfalconx
Summary: "Rubeus is left for dead, broken and betrayed by the family he served. The mysterious girl who walks through fire, running from her past...and her destiny...could be his greatest enemy. Or could it be that she is something far different...? Please R&R."
Canon: Anime
Rating: 3

Name: Miera
Senshi Title: Not mentioned
Hair: Black, long, held back in a braid
Eyes: Emerald
Unusual Markings/Colorations: A small white scar on her forehead just above the space between her eyes.
Senshi Outfit: Not described
Other Clothing Descriptions:
PJs: "blue, silk kimono-like pajamas"
Saving Rubeus (sailor outfit?): "Her aqua kimono seemed inappropriate for such a hellish scene, fluttering around her in a supernatural wind as she searched."
Possessions: A "midnight-colored" black stone crystal.
Guardians: None

Origin: Her parents, Juuochi (a devout Christian, which is really only mentioned so Miera can go on a semi-annoyed rant about God not coming to help them) and Grace, are dead, possibly from a plane crash if the "eerie feeling" Rubeus gets from looking at a picture of her and her parents standing in front of a plane is any indication. Technically, they are not her parents as the soul of the fetus Grace was pregnant with was not her. The original was "incomplete" and "fractured" and decided that life would be too hard for it. So it called out to her soul, which was in the limbo souls go through before they are reincarnated, and she agreed to merge with it.
Connections to Canon: She saves Rubeus just before his ship self-destructs. Unlike the canon senshi, she is neutral and helps whoever she is "called" to help.
Senshi Moves: None mentioned
Other Special Abilities: She has visions in her dreams (presumably of people she's supposed to help), knows healing magic, and can give visions to others.
Dousojin: A move she uses to teleport her and Rubeus out of the exploding ship.
Annoying Traits: The story is pretty much nothing but Miera doting over the injured Rubeus and telling him her life story.

Comments: Even if she replaced the soul of the original fetus... wouldn't they still be her parents?


I saved you. But things still totally backfired so I get to coddle you and your hot bod. Yay!Collapse )
Sailor Moon Sues
14 September 2010 @ 03:34 pm
Title: The Saga of Sailor Diamond
Writer: Lady of Pluto
Summary: "The revealing of Sailor Diamond"
Canon: Anime dub mix
Rating: 4

Name: Chibi Usa
Senshi Title: Sailor Diamond
Hair: White, long, in regular odangos
Eyes: Not described
Unusual Markings/Colorations: "Her lips were cherry red, and she was perfectly proportioned. Everything was flawless about her."
Senshi Outfit: Not described
Other Clothing Descriptions: None
Possessions: A pair of sunglasses that she wears because she's not used to there being so much sunlight, a bunch of new, more powerful, transformation wands, and the Diamond Scepter.
Guardians: None

Origin: Crystal Tokyo. A villain called the Evil Magician attacked it, kicked everyone's asses, kidnapped the king, and trapped the queen and princess. So Diamond convinced Neo Queen Serenity to use the Silver Crystal to send him and her back in time so that the present day scouts can kill him because they're somehow more powerful in that time. (He also made everyone block out light because he didn't like it. Hence the sunglasses.) There are another version of her around during the present as well.
Connections to Canon: She sends Usagi a note telling her to meet her at an unnamed museum with the other scouts. Later, she claims that her mother is Queen Serenity. At the end, she reveals that Chibi Usa and Helios are her parents. "My mommy sent me back to Usagi's time so I could have training. Afterwards, I was sent back to my mommy. We lived in peace for a while. Then my mommy sensed something wrong with the past, and sent me to help out. And from there, you know the rest. It is sure exciting to meet my grandmother when she's only this old!"" She mentions that she didn't bother helping them or, you know, actually training during her first time in the present because she wasn't strong enough at the time to help the scouts and just let them take care of everything.
Senshi Moves:
Diamond Crystal Chain: Recolor of Venus' "Love Me Chain". "At that moment, a chain made of Diamonds shot at the Evil Magician."
Diamond Scepter Elimination: "A beam of diamonds came out of her scepter, surprising the evil man. The diamonds shattered only a foot away from the Evil Magician." Also turns the girls into the Diamond Senshi.
Galaxy Planet Power: Combo with the girls.
Other Special Abilities: None
Other Traits: "Her voice was as beautiful as she was, with a quality like melting candy but at the same time with a tinkle to it." (...What?) She has an unnamed boyfriend too.

Comments: ... *Shakes head*... Venus Smurf needs to quit trolling.


So her voice is hot and sticky and if you're not careful it will burn you?Collapse )


Por quééééééééééééééé!!!!Collapse )


I don't know anymore...Collapse )
Sailor Moon Sues
23 August 2010 @ 05:08 pm
Title: Legend of the Symboless Soldier
Writer: Hanyou Miko Higurashi
Summary: "In a world where the impressions of a person's past is key to their future and survival, one girl must find the strength to try and show the others that who she was back then has no effect on who she is now. A story focusing more on the Outer Senshi and th"
Canon: Manga
Rating: 3

Name: Mika Densetsuno
Senshi Title: Sailor Galactica
Hair: "my hair is a rich shade of blonde with lighter, natural highlights."
Eyes: Dark blue
Unusual Markings/Colorations: Square-shaped burn scars around her wrists about the length of her index finger from... a soul transfer or something. "Like I had placed metal bracelets fresh from the forge around my wrists." They hurt when she's near a fire. Skin that burns easily.
Senshi Outfit: Not described
Other Clothing Descriptions: None mentioned
Possessions: None mentioned
Guardians: None

Origin: Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, Japan. She lives alone while her mother, whom she doesn't resemble (along with the rest of her family), sends her money. Her father is alive and she has an older sister in college and an older brother. Her mother gave her the idea for her sailor title.
Connections to Canon: She's Sailor Galaxia reborn and is looking for the "Sapphire Crystal".
Senshi Moves: None mentioned
Other Special Abilities: None mentioned
Annoying Traits: Self insert

Comments: What a weird little stub of a fic. The funny thing is it's even labeled "Romance". I'm sure there would have been some form of shipping if this went anywhere. But it's funny what with what there is.


This is why there are no fat Sailor Senshi.Collapse )
Sailor Moon Sues
Read this before you read this.

Title: The 10th Scout (Chapters 20 - 42)
Writer: Eternal Cosmic Sailor Saturn
Summary: "There's a new girl at school. She bumps into Usagi after her first day and they become friends. It seems that the new girl has a great secret! Who is she? Friend or Foe? Also the Starlights reappear! Two Arcs for this story! R&R! Tated T to be safe!"
Canon: Anime/Dub mix
Rating: Selena: Still a 5 Everyone else: 3

Name: Selena Tsukino, Chikako Amaterasu, Tamiko Mercury, Luana Mars, Rosalind Jupiter, Gemini Venus, Toshiko Solar, Sakura Uranus, Michiko Neptune, Satsuki Saturn, Evangeline Pluto, Victoria Amaterasu
Senshi Title: Eternal (Cosmic) Sailor Nemesis, Sailor Gold Star, Sailor Gold Mercury, Sailor Gold Mars, Sailor Gold Jupier, Sailor Gold Venus, Sailor Gold Sun, Sailor Gold Uranus, Sailor Gold Neptune, Sailor Gold Saturn, Sailor Gold Pluto, Sailor Lunarian Mau
Selena: Light blue, waist length, then corrected to shoulder length in an AN, with the same bangs as Usagi
Chikako: "Her hair was sort of golden, with streaks of moon silver in them. Her hair reached her waist and her bangs looked alot like Minako's."
Tamiko: Cerulean, jaw length
Luana: Raven, shoulder length
Rosalind: Forest green, shoulder length
Gemini: Golden blonde, knee length
Toshiko: White, waist length
Sakura: Same as Haruka's
Michiko: Aqua
Satsuki: Same as Hotaru's
Evangeline: Same as Setsuna's
Victoria: Silver, ankle length
Selena: Blue
Chikako: Same as Selena's
Tamiko: Big and cerulean
Luana: Blood red and big (DEMON!)
Rosalind: Dark green
Gemini: Matches Selena's and Chikako's but is slightly darker
Toshiko: White (DEMON!)
Sakura: Deep blue, matches her dress
Michiko/Satsuki/Evangeline: Not described, same as their twin's probably
Victoria: Pink
Unusual Markings/Colorations:
Selena: She looks like she could be Usagi's twin.
Chikako: Same height as Haruka
Senshi Outfit:
Selena: Same as last time
"None of the Golden senshi wore golves."
Chikako: "Sailor Gold Star's outfit was a two peice. Her top and skirt were gold. So were her boots, and choker. She wore fitted black shorts under her skirt and her skirt wasn't pleated like the other senshi's. Her's was held out by a wire in the hem. Her boots looked like Sailor Mercury's but was black at top and gold every where else. Her bows were silver."
Tamiko: "Sailor Gold Mercury wore a dress. She had a bow at the front and back that were both white. Her dress bottom was held out at the bottom like Gold Star's, with a wire. She wore shoe version's of Gold Star's boots. She had a light blue color for her dress and shoes and the edge of her dress was trimmed in black. So was the edge of her shoes."
Luana: "Sailor Gold Mars' outfit was simmilar to Gold Mercury's. The only difference's in the color and foot wear. Gold Mars had small boots similar to Sailor Jupiter's. Her dress color was red as were her boots. Her bows were pink and the bottom of her dress and top of her boots were black."
Rosalind: "Sailor Gold Jupiter's dress matched Gold Mars' and Gold Mercury's. Her dress' color was light green. Her bows where pink and she had boots that looked like Gold Star's. Her boots were also a light green with black at the top. Her dress was also edged in black."
Gemini: "Sailor Gold Venus' dress matched the others too. Her dress' color was a light yellow. She wore shoes that looked just like Sailor Venus'. Her bows were also white and her dress was also edged in black."
Toshiko: "Sailor Gold Sun looked like the others too. Her dress, boots, bows and choker were all white and her dress was edged in black like the others."
Sakura: "This new senshi had the same kind of outfit as Gold Jupiter did but the color of her dress was deep blue and her bows were a light gold color. Her dress was also trimmed in black, like all the others."
Victoria: "Sailor Lunarian Mau's outfit looked just like the Eternal Senshi's except hers was orange and moon white."
Everyone else: Not described
Other Clothing Descriptions:
After school: "She was wearing a miniskirt and a tight fitting t-shirt. Both were tinted purple. She was also wearing black socks and black and purple swirled slippers."
Chapter 37: "Selena would've bolted upright but she hit her head on the roof. Rubbing her head she climbed down and got dressed in an idetical outfit to Usagi. Usagi was wearing a long pleated skirt with a snug fitting sweatshirt and socks and her pink bunny slippers. Her outfit was pink. Selena was wearing her long pleated skirt with her matching sweater, socks and her purple and black swirl slippers. Her outfit was purple though"
Meeting the others: "She was also wearing a gold midrif tank top and short jean shorts with sneakers."
Selena: A pen light, a cell phone, her transformation "weapon" which has changed from the brooch. ("It too was a star. But Selena's was black with 5 different colored gems.")
Chikako: The Solar Crystal, a Silver Crystal clone.
Satsuki: The Saturn Star Rod
Evangeline: The Pluto Star Rod
Selena: Kala, a light brown cat with white paws, a white tip on her tail, and a crescent moon mark. She's Luna's sister.
Chikako: Victoria is her guardian cat but she stays in her human form to hide herself.

Selena: All of the stuff from last time. Apparently, she was the first princess or prince of Nemesis to be of "true royal blood" and she was sent there when she was 8. During the Silver Millennium, her full name was "Princess Serenity Selena Ceres Tsukino".
Chikako: The princess of the sun. Her full name is "Princess Serenity Chikako Lunar Ceres, Princess of the Sun and Moon."
Toshiko: She's part of a noble family from the sun but also from Kakyuu's galaxy with Naru. Toshiko was sent to the sun because she showed the powers of the sun and not her planet.
Connections to Canon:
Selena: She mentions that she has known Diamond since the Silver Millennium (he was a prince of Earth) and it is revealed later that the two were lovers and engaged to each other in the Silver Millennium and he is the Tuxedo Mask clone "Starlight Keeper" that shows up to protect Selena. He turns evil for one chapter with absolutely no build-up for no reason and she heals him with her love. She also saved him after he was killed by Wiseman. The reason he went after Usagi was because she looked so much like Selena. They have a daughter together in the future that is the same height and born on the same day as Chibi-Usa with the same name as Selena, but they call her Ceres (pronounced "Celes", she is adamant about not being called Chibi Selena) for short. Of course, she's Sailor Chibi Nemesis. But she just came back to the past because she liked the stories about the past that Chibi-Usa told her. Haruka and Michiru find out that they were also a part of Selena's court. (Queen Serenity transferred them because she felt having the 3 strongest senshi guard Selena wasn't enough.) This revelation comes about when everyone gets pissy over Minako suggesting that she be a decoy so the enemy doesn't attack Selena.
Chikako: Usagi and Selena's older sister (Selena is the youngest of the three. They're all separate by 2 years. But Selena is still in the same grade as Usagi because she wanted to be and they needed to explain that plot hole somehow.) from the Silver Millennium who shows up with no foreshadowing in Chapter 34.
Victoria: Artemis' younger sister. Another transfer to Juuban High.
Everyone else: They are the twins of their respective senshi except for Toshiko, who is Naru's twin. (Naru is one of Kakyuu's guardians.) They're all new transfer students at Juuban High.
Senshi Moves: The ones from the other part and...
Nemesis Star Healing: Not described
Nemesis Tiara: Moon Tiara Action recolor
Nemesis Star Reflection: Reflects attacks
Star Golden Healing: Heals
Golden Aqua Shield Reflect: Reflects everything
Golden Mars Flame Encounter: Traps enemies
Golden Jupiter Sparkling Encircle: Who knows.
Golden Saturn Deflect: Another reflection move
Lunarian Star Laser: Not described
Other Special Abilities:
Selena: She was the only one able to open and read the diaries of past queens during the Silver Millennium, allowing her to deliver an infodump on Chaos. Like the other senshi, she heals more quickly than a normal human. Because of this, she comes out of a coma within a few hours of going into it and recovers from internal bleeding, severe blood loss, several broken ribs, and a broken arm and ankle within 2 weeks. Later, she is let out after 5 days and recovers at home for about another week after.
Chikako: She can hide her power level.
Other Traits:
Selena: The enemy this time around, Chaos, who has become powerful enough to have her own body and is stealing Galaxia's schtick, is looking for "the purest of all life crystals" (the thing that gives star seeds and heart crystals their energy Without it, a person would die). Later, it is changed so that there is only one life crystal per planetary system and all of the others are decoys. Take a wild guess who has it. (Selena even admits that she thinks it has something to do with her at first. Later, when the Outers tell her that it's her, she's completely floored and can hardly believe them.) This makes her even more powerful since the holders are by themselves said to be "extremely powerful". When Rei goes to consult the fire about who the enemy is, she is the only one who can come in for some reason. The girls decide to tell Ami's mother that they're senshi after Selena and Seiya are hospitalized after a battle so she will make them her personal case and have them recover faster. Her foster family is mentioned, but later she lives with the Tsukinos and calls Ikuko "mama". She also decides that they should tell Ikuko that they're senshi so she doesn't think that they snuck out to a bar during a night fight. Some of the chapters have titles that only reference some small bit of the chapter that involves another character while most of it is about her.
Chikako: She also has all of her memories from the Silver Millennium.

Comments: *Raises her hand* Full card bingo, right here!

My god, it's like this thing was tailor made for trolling. It's got almost everything you could ever do wrong in an Otaku Senshi fanfic. Jesus Christ...

Also apparently, Chibi-Usa and Ceres have to enroll in the high school later because they get to be their sisters' height. And somehow, none of their old friends from middle school remember them because of this...

And there are a couple more characters in there. But they really serve no purpose than to add yet another unoriginal unforeshadowed plot twist to the pile.


Oh wow, I wonder who this could be...Collapse )


Stuff about Chaos that only Selena knowsCollapse )


I'm only 5 chapters in. I shouldn't have this many excerpts so soon.Collapse )


Annnnd she's got a future daughter too.Collapse )


More fake tensionCollapse )


A terribly written prophecyCollapse )


Making shit up as you go...Collapse )


Usagi's family dies for absolutely no reason.Collapse )


Sailor Chibi and Sailor StardustCollapse )


I don't know anymore...Collapse )
Sailor Moon Sues
14 August 2010 @ 02:36 pm
melashaan requested this one.

Title: Sailor Moon Alternate Revolutions (Under "Stories", naturally)
Writer: Himeno
Summary: "What happens after a temporal accident has changed time and reset the universe? Sailor Moon Alternate Revolutions is a story about what happens after a single incident altered the history of the universe and introduces four new sailor senshi."
Canon: Manga
Rating: 3

Name: Hoshi Hiteki
Senshi Title: Sailor Caloris
Hair: Deep black with a slight wavy blue tint. "Her hair is cut in a slight curve just below the shoulder line and is swept back behind the shoulders. It is straight but tends to curl inward at the ends."
Eyes: Purplish blue, changes shade depending on her mood
Unusual Markings/Colorations: A scar between her shoulder and elbow on her right arm.
Senshi Outfit: Pic by Shadowrose
Basic: "Caloris’ skirt and choker are sky blue while her boots and back bow are navy blue. Her boots reach her knees and are pointed upwards over her knee cap. The top of her boots have a red coloured trim and the boots have flat soles. Sailor Caloris’ front bow is red and is held in place by a round purple brooch. Her sailor collar is purple with a single white stripe. The body suit is white and she has three padded rings on her shoulder. Caloris’ gloves are elbow length with three sky blue bands at the end. A single red stud earring is at the base of each ear and a golden tiara with a dark blue gem rests on her forehead."
Super: "Her skirt is sky blue with a purple band along the bottom edge. The purple goes all the way around the skirt. Sailor Caloris’ boots reach her knees and are pointed upwards over her knee cap, they are navy blue and have red trim. Caloris’ front red bow is held in place by a purple heart shaped brooch. Her sailor collar is purple with a single white stripe; her back bow has ribbons which reach to knee length and are navy blue. The bodice is white with two padded rings over her shoulder. There is also a wing like sky blue shaded see-through attachment with the shoulder pads. Caloris’ gloves are elbow length with three sky blue bands at the end. She has a red stud earring at the base of each ear and two clip-on stud earrings beside the piercing. A golden tiara with a dark blue gem rests on her forehead. Sailor Caloris’ choker is sky blue and has a gold star attached on the front."
Eternal: "She has a double-layered skirt, the top layer being sky blue and the lower layer being purple. Instead of a belt, she has two ribbons; a purple ribbon is attached to the top of her skirt and a sky blue ribbon is just above the first. Both ribbons meet with her skirt on the front of the bodice with a gold star placed at the meeting point. Her boots have flat soles and reach to just below her knees. There is a downward-pointing V at the top on the front of the boots. The boots are white with a sky blue trim and a gold star at the middle of the V. Sailor Caloris’ front bow is red and held in place by a purple star shaped brooch. Her sailor collar is purple with a single gold stripe. The back bow is dark blue with a pair of sky blue ribbons hanging down; the ribbons are long enough to reach her knees. Caloris’ bodice is white with two wing-like sky blue-shaded see-through attachments over the shoulders. The white gloves reach just past her elbows and have three sky blue bands at the end. Her earrings consist of a gold stud with a purple star hanging from a short gold chain; there is one earring in each ear. A golden tiara with a dark blue star-shaped gem rests on her forehead. Sailor Caloris has a V-shaped choker which is sky blue and has a gold star attached on the front."
Celestial: Pic by Dubird "Sailor Caloris’ last fuku is mainly sky blue and purple. The bodice is white with round, sky blue sleeves. On each sleeve is a sheer purple extension. Her skirt is sky blue edged with purple, with a navy blue band on top fronted by a red star. Her collar is short with two layers, one purple and one sky blue. Her gem in front is a red star with two navy wings to the side. Her tiara and choker are both navy with a red star on the front. Her gloves are elbow-length and white, with two narrow bands on the end, one purple and the other sky blue. Her boots are white and almost to her knees, with the back slightly higher than the front and a purple stripe on top. Her bow is purple satin, with wide tails that go down to about her knees."
Other Clothing Descriptions: None
Possessions: Her parents' will and the money from their life insurance. An icebow, the Frozen Star Crystal, various transformation items, and a partly damaged Silver Millennium era spaceship which I assume is what she uses to perform "simulation training" in her spare time in the hopes that NASA will hire her as an astronaut.
Guardians: None

Origin: Nara, Japan. Her father was a Japanese-German businessman of an ambiguous sort that would travel internationally a lot and her mother was a nurse. They were killed when she was 8 when the engine of a plane flying overhead lost pressure and crashed into their vacation home. (Damn. Talk about bad luck. What are the odds?) Hoshi survived by being pushed into the pool. ("The crash investigation eventually found out that the plane had crashed due to major engine and pressure loss.") She was sent to live in an orphanage in Tokyo until she moved into her own apartment at 14.
Silver Millennium: For some reason, Mercury and Mars felt the need to save Hoshi's life during the fall of the Silver Millennium. (She was not a senshi and didn't have a starseed.) So they used their powers to attract a damaged sailor crystal that had stopped on the Caloris Basin to rest and regain some of its power before heading to the Galaxy Cauldron and gave it to her. It absorbed some of their power, hence the reason why she's a mash-up of the two. Said crystal belonged to the senshi of a backwater planet (one with the power of absorbtion) that was the site of the 1st Sailor War. (Chaos tore her apart like string cheese.) She was also part of some Silver Millennium Defense Force.
Connections to Canon: She's a student at T*A. Rei forced her to train with her to develop her psychic abilities further. This has lead her to hate using them.
Senshi Moves: (from weakest to strongest)
Flaming Meteor: Creates a meteor sized fireball that slams into the ground.
Aqua Arc: Sends a stream of water at the target.
Basilisk Rise: Summons a giant fire lizard.
Kelpie Swell: Drowns the enemy in 1,000 l of water shaped like a herd of kelpie.
Fire Mist: Superheated wall of mist, hangs in the air for an unmentioned amount of time.
Glacier Wall: Forms an ice shield with a 3 foot radius.
Steam Inferno: Creates a beam of superheated steam that "roasts" the target.
Hell's Fire Douse: Turns all of the groundwater in the area into steam and melts the ground, the steam then falls back to earth as rain creating a roughly 3 foot deep lake.
Other Special Abilities: She's fluent in English and knows some German and Spanish (or "Deutsch" and "Espanol" according to the profile). She's also good at repairing machinery. Good enough to repair a spacecraft with technology centuries ahead of what we have now. She's telepathic, can receive visions of the future in her dreams, and can use ofuda scrolls like Rei. She might have some acting abilities as well, since one of her dreams is to play Sailor Mercury in one of the Sera Myu musicals. (That or an astronaut, doctor, or scientist.)
Other Traits: The other students at T*A don't like her because she transferred into the school (which is "unheard of" and is "special treatment" to them. She had actually been put on the waiting list by her parents when she was 5). She's just a mash-up of Mercury and Mars who looks like Hotaru (with a dash of Jupiter thrown in).


There isn't much to the actual story, only one chapter. Caloris is only in it for a few sentences. The rest of it is about some Australian kid named Wade finding a top secret American spaceship in the outback (which I'm going to assume is Caloris' ship and the Americans just nicked it from somewhere) and using it to travel through time/space to the Sailor Moon universe. Then trying to head to the Time Gate, causing Pluto to fuck up and destroy the timeline that they're in in an attempt to save Crystal Tokyo.

The whole absorbtion and steam based senshi things are pretty decent concepts by themselves. But one can do so much more with the ideas than just a mash-up of two of the canon characters.

And just in case this comes up: No, this journal and this entry are not illegal under copyright law. No, I am not breaking the law by talking about the characters or story without the "express written permission of the site's owner". I don't need it and the notion that I would need it to talk about someone's fanfic is incredibly pretentious.


Just read it yourself. It's not that long.
Sailor Moon Sues
12 August 2010 @ 03:31 pm
Title: Sailor Sun
Writer: Sailor Sun AKA Ana
Summary: N/A
Canon: Dub manga mix
Rating: 5

Name: Ana
Senshi Title: Sailor Sun
Hair: Brown with golden streaks, short, looks beautiful, said to be the same length as Amy's in Episode 2.
Eyes: Hazel
Unusual Markings/Colorations: She's an inch shorter than Lita.
Senshi Outfit:
Super: "She saw herself wearing a gold skirt with a silver shirt like the Sailor Scouts. She had a gold bow with a silver hair shaped pendant in the middle. She had gold boots similar to Jupiter's and silver gloves with a gold outline. She had a gold tiara and a celestial moon with a celestial sun inside. She had a silver bow that looks like the super sailor scouts."
Eternal: "Eternal Sailor Sun had the same outfit as Eternal Sailor Moon except everything was Silver and Gold and she had a celestial sun on her forehead."
Other Clothing Descriptions:
Princess dress: "I remember that I always wore a gold dress [that looks similar to Mercury's] that brought out my curves."
Alternate princess dress: "She had a dress that was similar to Princess Serena's. It was made out of silver and it had gold trimming."
Possessions: "a crystal transformation stick that was gold and it had a celestial moon and sun on it." (The scene where Luna gives it to her on the street lasts 2 sentences.) A skateboard, a corvette that is in the shop getting its engine changed when it's first brought up, a locket that she gave to Josh before the sun was destroyed that he gives back to her. ("a locket that was in the shape of a Celestial Sun. It was gold and it glittered in the sunlight. [...] Ana opened it and it played a tune that was sad, yet, mystical. There was a projection on their past lives together. It showed the good times they both had together and apart. Ana turned it over and it the wording said made on the Earth. Then there was a message that said, "May our love last."") The locket contains the Sun Crystal, a golden crystal that if combined with the Silver Crystal can destroy the Negaverse completely. In Episode 2, she has a new transformation brooch ("It was silver with a Celestial Star in the middle made out of a rock that was unknown to Earth. It was a stone from the moon. It looked like it was water but solid. It was in a shape of a heart.") and Eternal brooches for all of the scouts except Moon that she gto from their past life parents.
Guardians: None

Origin: California. She lives with her mom, Samantha. For part of the story, her dad was in Ireland for some reason.
Silver Millenium: Princess Sun. During the Silver Millennium, the sun was actually just a gold colored planet that gave off light. She was part of Serena's court, but she was shy and no one paid attention to her. So she wouldn't go to balls or other royal functions except she did but only a few. Beryl put a spell on her and forced her to destroy the Earth (Saturn revived it afterwards) and turn her planet into a star, killing everyone because the people of the sun were the most powerful. She was able to break free from the brainwashing and send herself and her lover to the future to be reincarnated because she was powerful enough to do it.
Connections to Canon: The new student in Serena's class. (Serena even somehow calls upon the spirit of Queen Serenity to teleport her to class because it's a "big day" for her.)
Senshi Moves:
Sun Celestial, Volcano Attack: "A gold and silver fire beam came out of Ana's palms that were together. The monster turned around and was killed."
Sun Celestial, Gold, Silver, Planet Power: "A circle of gold, and silver fire with each of the Scouts' attacks even the outers defeated all the monsters that surrounded me." (The monsters they were fighting had caused the Outers to faint.)
Sun, Star, Fire: Gives 3rd degree burns
Sun Celestial, Fire balls Swirl: Shoots fireballs
Sun, Death, Blast: "a black beam hit all the scouts and killed them all. Their souls were locked in Ana's mirrors on her glove."
Sun, world quake: Not described, kills the scouts again on accident.
Sun fire, water, blast: "she twirled around with her arms up, standing on one foot with the other on the side of her knee.
Fire and Dry ice started shooting from around her."
Other Special Abilities: She can see the future in her dreams, both in this life and during the Silver Millennium. All this really does is give her an excuse to know all of her past and give her something to angst about for 2 seconds. She's so good during her first time playing in the arcade that she gets the highest possible score on an unspecified game ever, higher than Amy's Sailor V score. She also has self-defense training. SHe spontaniously gains the ability to "blow" life into others when Moon is dying during the final battle. She also has Saturn's "rebirth" abilities except she doesn't turn into a baby.
Other Traits: Self-insert. Like Lita, no one will sit with her or talk to her in school because of a rumor that she was expelled for fighting. She actually left because everyone teased her about being psychic. "She was a very powerful scout, powerful than all the nine scouts combined, possibly with Rini. I remember one night I asked her why she was so powerful and she answered that it was because she put all of her hatred, and sadness into it." She's so powerful that she is the only one capable of damaging the "damage proof" walls in the training room on the moon. She is completely unphased when Luna approaches her on the street and starts talking to her. She has her own Sailor Knight named Josh AKA The Sun Knight who was her lover in her past life. The two are turned evil by the villain, Veronica. After she spontanious recovers her memories of being the girls' ally and turns good again, she runs away. So Pluto erases her parents' memories of her and makes the doorknob to her bedroom burn them when they touch for all of one chapter until Josh convinces her not to get on a plane to America. She dies after using all of her life... blowing powers to save Serena and Rini. But she is revived off-screen and shows up in class the next day because she used Saturn's powers.

Comments: Oh sailorjupiter.com, you never disappoint me.

There is also a Sailor Universe/Galaxy in this who looks exactly like Ana and has a similar name. (A double self-insert?) But she shows up for only a few lines, gets her transformation item, and is never brought up again.


...Collapse )


Oh, she meant it when she said that she never went to parties. But Princess Neptune's cooks make the best sushi and cheese platters.Collapse )


I wonder what this villain does.Collapse )


Ana diesCollapse )


The villain for Episode 2Collapse )


Sailor Universe/GalaxyCollapse )
Sailor Moon Sues
08 August 2010 @ 03:17 pm
Title: I am Sailor Earth, Sailor Sun Bright Things Up!, Sailor Earth and Sun's Meetings
Writer: Erinbubble92
1: "Sailor Moon meets a another new student who happens to be the legendary Sailor Scout of the planet Earth name Erin, who saves the Sailor Scouts during their fight."
2: "Erin's best friend, Alyssa comes to Japan but she already knows she's the last Sailor Scout to be found, who is the other legendary Sailor Sun. Will the Sailor Scouts accept them as there friends or not?"
3: "This is between Sailor Moon S episode, Sailor Earth and Sun meet Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Rini, and Hotaru as best friends but the Outer Sailor Scouts doesn't know that they can trust them. Erin scense about Hotaru horrible. Will they trust them?"
Canon: Dub
Rating: 3

Name: Erin, Alyssa
Senshi Title: Sailor Earth, Sailor Sun
Erin: Strawberry blonde, long, held back in a low ponytail
Alyssa: Golden blonde "with the top half of tied"
Erin: Bluish grey, wears glasses
Alyssa: Not described
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None
Senshi Outfit:
Erin: "she wore a white sailor suit with no sleeves, a blue ribbon with a light blu gem on her chest, and a light blue wrap at the back, green wrapping on her gloves, earrings shaped as the earth, has a blue chocker with a pink heart crystal, a green skirt, pink ribbons, and blue boots with pink lines on the bottom and wrap on the top and reaches an inch from her knees, a tiara with bluie diamond in the middle, and she still had her hair in the same hairstyle but her glasses had disappeared. She lastly had her Cresent Earth Sphere."
Alyssa: "Alyssa is now wearing a she wore a white sailor suit with petal sleeves, a golden ribbon on her chest, and a purple wrap at the back, golden wrapping on her gloves, her golden hoop earrings are now sun shapped earrings, has a purple shocker chocker with a red star crystal, a golden skirt, and purple shoes with a golden rings around the ankles, a tiara with golden diamond in the middle, and she still had her hair in the same hairstyle."
Other Clothing Descriptions:
School uniform: "she wore a school uniform with a long skirt to her knees and black dress shoes."
Standing on a rooftop: "Erin still has her hairstyle, pink and blue earrings, and sliver glasses but she wore a pink shirt with white sleeves that has two pink strapes on the top, black boot-cut pants, and black and pink boots"
School outfit: "She wore gold hoop earrings, a black t-shirt with a black lion head within an orange sun in the middle and the Lion King musical logo underneath in orange letters, tan miniskirt with brown leggings under it, brown belt with lioness head buckle, white socks, and white shoes with gray Nike symbol on the sides. She somtimes carries multi-color backpacks with her."
Standing on a rooftop: "Alyssa still has her hairstyle and golden hoop earrings but she wore white short sleeved hoodie, a dark orange t-shirt under it, her favorite seashell necklace, tanish-brown shorts, and white and gray shoes."
Erin: The Cresent (sic) Earth Sphere, "a long blue staff with a an orb that looks like earth that has a heart shaped crystal on top holding the containers of the orb."
Alyssa: "the Sun Shouter", a bow and arrow
Guardians: None

Origin: Somewhere in Tennessee
Silver Millennium: They are both legendary scouts. Alyssa was born from the center of the sun and is Sailor Earth's protector. Both got caught up in the battle and were sent to Earth with the rest of them.
Connections to Canon: Erin transferred into Serena's school because she had good grades. Lita is her best friend and the two are as close as sisters. Alyssa transferred in as well... just because. In the 4th story, Lita and Mina are Erin and Alyssa's big sisters, respectively.
Senshi Moves:
Earth Crystal Strike: "a giant brown of power hit the monster letting go of Sailor Moon" (Oh come on, he was already letting her go...)
Sun Shooter Charge Attack: "a arrow with a big amounts of heat behind it attack the monster."
Other Special Abilities:
Erin: She can sense the presences of the other scouts (and even tells herself that). And right after, she uses her staff to determine who they are. She also studies "material arts".
Annoying Traits: Self-inserts, both of them have their memories of the Silver Millennium.
Erin: She has all of the other scouts' powers as well as her own. If she dies or is turned evil, the planet goes down with her.

Comments: They then embrace a hug of happiness and greetfuliness.

Well, I learned a new word today.

There's another story in this series. But I stopped at the 3rd because I was starting to get uncomfortable. I feel like I've stumbled across a female proto-Christian Weston Chandler... without the homophobia and racism... and porn...


The interesting thing is, Uranus was spelled right a line earlier.Collapse )
Sailor Moon Sues
27 July 2010 @ 03:32 pm
Title: Kidnapped by Diamond
Writer: MermaidMelody-TealPearlVoice
Summary: "Kami my character is kidnapped by Prince Diamond. Will the Sailor Scouts get her back? Read to find out."
Canon: Dub
Rating: 4

Name: Kami
Senshi Title: Not mentioned
Hair: Red, long
Eyes: Not mentioned
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None
Senshi Outfit: Not mentioned
Other Clothing Descriptions: None
Possessions: None
Guardians: None

Origin: She lives with her mom.
Connections to Canon: Diamond sees her in his crystal ball and decides that she's better than Sailor Moon and sends his minions to capture her. The girls come to save her, and Diamond takes her through a portal to a beach in Tokyo. She tells him that she wants to be alone for a bit. When he's gone, she hops in a taxi and goes home (for 10 yen). He never comes for her.
Senshi Moves: None mentioned
Other Special Abilities: She's strong enough to resist Diamond's hypnosis.
Other Traits: Self-insert, she's the most beautiful girl Diamond has ever seen.

Comments: It's a little disappointing how most of the fandom prefers to make their own OCs for their Otaku Senshi to hook up with instead of going for canon characters. I have yet to come across a nice juicy Diamond/OC story for me to rage over. (Selena is probably the closest I've come so far.) I don't know why. Look at the motherfucker. He's an ambiguously evil white haired bishie! Other fandoms flip out over those types of characters!

Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough...


You don't really live up to your name there, KamiCollapse )


Diamond just can't seem to let that Idiot Ball go lately.Collapse )
Sailor Moon Sues
Title: A New Hope
Writer: CaspianMiraz24 (Who also has a vanity published book.)
Summary: "In the year 2900, Crystal Tokyo is attacked by the Dark Moon family and many people and sailor scouts are killed along with the royal family. Rei Hino escapes with the youngest heir to the throne, Princess Rikana (Rika), and waits 400 years for the return of the sailor scouts so they can over throw Diamond and place Rika on the throne. The royal family and the sailor scouts have very long life spans, and never grow old."
Canon: ... a bit of a mix of everything except the musicals
Rating: Rikana: 3, Everyone else: 1

Name: Princess Rikana/Rika Hindo, Ai Takeme, Eri Kamei, Rina Lee, Aya Matsuura (Edits by CaspianMiraz24)
Senshi Title: Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune
Rikana: White-blonde, up in braided pigtails at one point
Ai: Brown, shoulder length
Eri: Blonde, up in a ponytail in her senshi form
Rina: Blonde
Aya: Not described
Rikana: Red
Everyone else: Not described
Unusual Markings/Colorations:
Rikana: Very beautiful
Rina: "she looked like Hotaru in every way except skin color. Instead of the olive complexion, she had milky white skin"
Aya: A third arm if that edit is a completely accurate depiction of her.
Senshi Outfit:
Basic: Edit by CaspianMiraz24 "Her skirt was a dark pink color, and her bows were light pink. Her hair grew out into the odango hairstyle. Her boots were red with pink rims and her gloves had three colors instead of one. It was red, blue and pink. Her collar was red as well."
Princess? "When the light was gone, her outfit was different. Her skirt was made of silk and was a lighter pink as was her bow. Her boots were white with crystal heels. A tiara sat upon her head and there was a gleam in her eye."
Ai: Edit by CaspianMiraz24 Same as Mercury's
Eri: Edit by CaspianMiraz24 Same as Jupiter's
Everyone else: Not described
Other Clothing Descriptions:
Princess dress: Edit by CaspianMiraz24 "A soft pink dress flowed about her, and her hair was in the original odango hairstyle."
Rikana: The Silver Crystal and a sword that belonged to Queen Serenity.
Ai: Mercury's wand.
Eri: Jupiter's wand.
Aya: A violin.
Guardians: Edit by CaspianMiraz24 Solaris, a yellow tabby cat with a sun on his forehead. He is the last person alive to have lived on the sun during the Silver Millennium, lived with Hotaru until the rise of Crystal Tokyo, and served as Chibi Usa's chief advisor when she took the throne. Rikana finds him in the exact same way that Usagi found Luna. He can turn into a human at will. Edit by CaspianMiraz24 (Fabulous)

Origin: Crystal Tokyo, 400 years after Chibi Usa's reign. The Black Moon clan somehow came back to life and Diamond decided to wreck the place when Rikana was 4 years old. (Beryl's generals were also somehow alive so they could marry the Inners and Naru, who was given a longer life span because she married Nephrite. Not that it matters since all of them were killed in the takeover.)
Rikana: Diamond killed her mother, her grandparents, her older brother, Tranquility, and sister, Serenity, and trapped her father in the "dreamworld" before declaring himself the new ruler of the world.
Ai: It's a mystery.
Eri: She lives with her mom.
Rina: An unidentified country that speaks English.
Aya: Sapphire Village.
Connections to Canon:
Rikana: Chibi Usa and Helios' youngest daughter. Chibi Usa told Rei (who goes under the alias "Ikuko Hindo" while in hiding) to hide and take care of her until she was strong enough to defeat Diamond. Galaxia and the Animamates have created an underground resistence and help her out too. She becomes the queen of Crystal Tokyo at the end of the story, ushering in the Crystal Millennium.
Ai: A student in Diana's class when she goes undercover at Diamond High School to find girls to replace the other scouts. She saves Diana from being hit by a car, revealing that she is the new Sailor Mercury, since Ami died during Diamond's takeover. She also dreams of Chibi Usa telling her to fullfill her destiny.
Rina: She's the reincarnation of Hotaru, unlike everyone else. She looks, acts, and dresses the same way Hotaru does because... why bother when you can just go with what's on the coloring book pages? She's English because Chibi Usa made it that way so Diamond wouldn't find her.
Aya: She helps the now fully human Luna (Diamond made some machine that took away her cat powers or something.) hide from Diamond's minion, General Tsy/Tso.
Senshi Moves: The usual canon ones and...
Moonlight Attractive Attack: Combo with everyone else, kills Wiseman in one hit.
Other Special Abilities: Luna teaches them how to hide their thoughts and auras so they can apply to be maids in Diamond's palace and get the Silver Crystal back.
Rika: "Rika appeared to be an excellent swords woman, even though she had never picked up a sword before."
Ai: She's more of an artist than a brainiac.
Rina: She speaks fluent Japanese so there's no issues with her communicating with everyone.
Aya: She can play the violin.
Annoying Traits: Bland. Rika one-shots Diamond without the use of the Silver Crystal and her tears falling onto the Silver Crystal heal Helios in the end.

Comments: More useless support characters. The author could have just made it so that all of the Inners and Outers somehow came out of the takeover alive and no one would really notice the difference. We don't even learn the basics for some of the OCs and the only one who does anything of note is Ai, who goes undercover as a maid in the palace to get the Silver Crystal back. I don't even know why I bothered putting them in this entry.


Life under Diamond's rule isn't half bad if you're not a moon matriarchy sympathizer.Collapse )


Well, that was convenient.Collapse )


Luna was the real leader of the scouts or something.Collapse )


Damnit Diamond, put the Idiot Ball away and be a proper villain.Collapse )


More people being stupidCollapse )


The end, happy times are back again.Collapse )
Sailor Moon Sues
21 July 2010 @ 05:31 pm
What do you think of the new tags? Part of me thinks it makes the whole thing look cluttered...

Title: The Story of Sailor Iris
Writer: SailorIris
Summary: "The scouts meet a lost friend from the Silver Millenium, Sailor Iris. But is she to be trusted? This is my first fanfic, so go easy on me! R/R but please don't flame! :"
Canon: Dub
Rating: 4

Name: Tamara "Tam" Kenoh
Senshi Title: Sailor Iris
Hair: Strawberry blonde, long and curly, loses its curl when she's upset, sometimes in pigtails
Eyes: Blue
Unusual Markings/Colorations: None
Senshi Outfit: "a suit like [Moon's] only it was rainbow colored."
Other Clothing Descriptions: None
Possessions: An elephant-shaped whistle from McDonalds.
Guardians: None

Origin: Tamara, Princess of Strength and the princess of Iris, Earth's other moon during the Silver Millennium. "I never had a special elemental attack like all of you. Instead, they gave me superior powers. Powers even greater than Queen Serenity's! I was to be the Major Guardian, like a general. I didn't hang out with you guys because it was my job to protect the universe from every and any thing that might show up. Since the moons were the center of the universe, I was kind of like Princess Serenity's Vice President." Despite being more powerful than someone with a deus ex machina crystal, she couldn't stop the Negaverse from attacking the Moon Kingdom or destroying a shitload of planets. (Apparently, there used to be a lot more planets in our planetary system. Iris being one of them.) Queen Serenity was pissed at her for not stopping everything herself and said that she "betrayed her post", so she didn't send her to the future. But Pluto thought she deserved another chance and brought her to their time.
Connections to Canon: She shows up during a battle and kills a monster in one hit just by running into it when Moon's scepter decides to just not work. (It works just fine in the next battle.)
Senshi Moves: None mentioned and she won't use them. See below.
Other Special Abilities: None
Annoying Traits: The other scouts completely forgive her for not stopping Beryl because they admit that they don't remember much from that time and it was the past anyway. She didn't seem to learn her lesson, since when a battle starts, Mercury lets her stay behind at her request and catch up with them later so she can play with her McDs toy and be a quirky alien. The other girls just shrug it off too. (Luna becomes suspicious of her. But only because they haven't seen her transform or use her powers.) She claims to be so powerful that, if she uses any of her powers in battle, she'll destroy the world. She eventually ends up joining the enemy because Luna doesn't trust her and Mina asked her why she never used her powers.

Comments: ...I'm not sure how to feel about this one. The whole "I'm so powerful that I can't use my powers and am completely useless" is throwing me off. Though her powers seem to be nerfed when she joins up with the enemy. The 4 is mostly due to the plot holes that seem to be there to give her something to be at fault for. It would have been nice if this had gone farther, to see if Tamara actually is as flakey and useless as she seems to be. Given what usually happens in these kinds of fanfics, I doubt it though.


InfodumpCollapse )